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Final Stop: Louise Interviews Galenos

For the final stop on the tour, Louise had some questions to ask the mercenary leader and would-be duke, Galenos. Although he has a reputation for being one of the youngest and most successful warlords in Seirenia, his answers may surprise you! Character Interview with Galenos Thanks again to all of the wonderful tour hosts […]

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Talking Tropes with Mathew

Today, Mathew Reuther hosts me on his blog to talk about female warriors in fantasy once again. This time I talked about some of the common “tropes” or archetypes of female warriors found in various kinds of fantasy (not just books: you’ll see them on TV, in video games, comics, and movies, too). Yes, there’s […]

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Six Sentence Sunday: Trouble Maker

I’m about to release the first short story of a new series, Tales of Wyld Magic, called “Together We Will Fly”. The short stories will supplement the larger Wyld Magic series, including the first book coming in January, A Flight of Marewings. Here’s an excerpt about the two brothers in their new job. “There’s no drinking, no […]

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Lady Warrior: Alanna of Trebond

One of the first lady warriors that I was introduced to as a child was Alanna of Trebond, from the Song of the Lioness Quartet and other Tortall stories by Tamora Pierce. Alanna lives in the fantasy kingdom of Tortall, where only men are allowed to become knights. She swaps places with her twin brother, Thom, […]

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Lady Warrior: Aerin of Damar

One of my favorite literary heroes of all time is Aerin-sol of Damar, also known as the Dragonkiller. She’s the main character of Robin McKinley’s fantasy novel, The Hero and the Crown. The book tells the story of how Aerin goes from an awkward princess who would rather be ignored by the Royal Court, due the […]

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Comic Character Sketches Revealed!

A secret project for Small Town Witch has been in the works behind the scenes. I wrote the script for a bonus story in comic strip form, and artist Captain Savvy has been working hard to draw the illustrations. Today, she shared these beautiful character concept sketches for me, and I just had to show […]

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Character Sheets and Sexual Orientation

If you have looked at my new website for Small Town Witch, you may have already read the character sheets I posted about the main characters. These include a lot of interesting facts about the characters to help you familiarize yourself with them. Reading them is not necessary for understanding the story, but they may […]

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Heather Made Me

Day four and I’m in the midst of my first argument with a character. I had it all laid out and was trying to introduce all the normal people, sort of set the scene before I brought in the antagonist, right? Out of nowhere comes this girl who insists she could make a better villain. […]

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