Heather Made Me

Day four and I’m in the midst of my first argument with a character. I had it all laid out and was trying to introduce all the normal people, sort of set the scene before I brought in the antagonist, right? Out of nowhere comes this girl who insists she could make a better villain. All I did was give her a name, and all of a sudden she snags a whole scene for her viewpoint when it was supposed to be Sara’s POV throughout because I’m so tired of changing POVs.

In that one short scene, she decides she hates Sara though she pretends to be Sara’s friend, she’s sleeping with Sara’s boyfriend Jake, and — here comes the clincher — she’s a vampire.

Now that I’m done writing for the day and trying to brainstorm my next plot moves, she’s starting to wheedle with all these suggestions of what she could do and downplaying the ghost’s role as major antagonist. She wants the whole story to center around her, throwing out the entire plot I’d started with! At least she’s proven that she’s evil. But I’m trying to write an occult thriller about ghosts, not vampires.

I don’t know where Heather came from. I’m tempted to send her packing. Death Lurks Here sounds different from The Undead Lurk Here.

It just seems odd, but everything seems odd right now.

That’s just sleep deprivation, dear.


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