Camp Nano Update and Upcoming Release Schedule

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My writing campsite
My writing campsite

I’m still on track for Camp Nano this month, so it looks like I will be finishing Miscreation episode 6 right on time. That means there are new releases coming soon. Here’s a schedule of what’s to come:

May 6: Miscreation #6, “The Captain’s Wife”, and The Voyage of the Miscreation: Season 1
June 21: “The Duke’s Daughter”, a prequel novella about Korinna
Fall: A Pride of Gryphons, Wyld Magic book 2
Winter: The Reign of Dragons, Wyld Magic book 3

I’m very excited to be publishing again after a year and a half of delays. I’m sorry that it’s been such a long wait for you, but I hope that these new stories will make up for the long silence. Life has thrown me more than my share of curveballs in the past two years, but I never gave up on writing. There are still many more half-finished projects to come so I don’t think this silence will last for long.

For another taste of what’s to come, enjoy another excerpt from Miscreation episode 6. In this snippet, Ameyron, Aristia, and the warriors from the ship are training the feathersnakes that they captured in episode 5. Ameyron has insisted that they train in private on a secluded beach because he’s afraid that there could be others who steal the secrets of his research before he’s ready to publish.

Ameyron signaled the others to line up along one end of the area that he’d marked up in the sand, opposite another one with a line of rocks.

“We will repeat the same exercise as last time,” he announced loudly. “Send both of your subjects to the baskets, and then call them back to you. Make sure that you only reward the pair you’ve been assigned.” In the past, the feathersnakes had gotten confused by the constant switching of handlers, and gone to the wrong person when they came back.

But on Aristia’s recommendation, each person had spent a few minutes handling both of their assigned snakes and fed them a small treat before the exercise began. By now they’d gotten used to the switch. When they flew across the sand and came back, each one easily went to their assigned partner.

Back and forth the feathersnakes flew over the beach, their color neck ribbons fluttering in the breeze. The crew wasn’t permitted to talk while the exercise went on, so there was no sound except for the spoken commands, the rustle of feathered wings and the soft murmur of the waves in the background. The routine exercise quickly became boring for both the feathersnakes and Aristia. She sensed that they were curious about the forest behind them and the strange scents on the breeze.


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