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I’m happy to announce that yesterday, Miscreation #6 crossed the finish line for Camp Nano, completing the first draft. The editing process is now underway. The new episode and collected season 1 will be coming very soon for publication in early May. Here’s the new episode synopsis:

In episode 6, “The Captain’s Wife,” Captain Mynta’s crew is surprised by a stowaway, Phi, who claims to be Mynta’s wife from her mysterious past. Although Mage Ameyron fears trusting a stranger, Phi is accepted as a temporary crew member, and quickly wins over the crew by revealing secrets of the captain’s mysterious past, much to Mynta’s embarrassment. But when they discover that Phi has secrets of her own, the crew is suddenly thrown into a dangerous situation where they must fight to keep their ship, their captain, and even their own lives from the one threat they thought they’d never have to face.

A Flight of Marewings
A Flight of Marewings

I’d also like to mention that this weekend, A Flight of Marewings will be available for free on Amazon. From April 29-May 3, it will be a free download. If you haven’t read this book yet, now is a great time to check it out because there will be more releases in this series coming soon, including the Korinna novella, “A Pride of Gryphons” in June; and the sequel, The Warrior Duchess, later this summer. If you’ve already read it, you could tell a friend who also likes to ready fantasy.

A Flight of Marewings will also become available again in all stores in June, so if you’ve been unable to get it while it was exclusive on Amazon, look for it coming back to Nook, Kobo, Smashwords, etc. in about a month.


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