Moving Update

Just a quick update today to let you all know that I'm still busy with moving. All my belongings are in my new home now and we're starting to unpack…

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SPFBO Review: A Triad in Three Acts

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"Your Path is muddy, Kelnaht, but don't think avoiding the puddles will make it easier to travel."Kelnaht, a cloud elf, is a truth seeker caught between love and faith, when…

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Writing Wednesday: Treasure Map

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I promise you I am still working hard on Riwenne & the Airship Gambit. But today I wanted to share something a little different. I recently wrote this short story…

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Adventures in Moving

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My move is continuing to be exciting and stressful. We've mostly moved into our new home, although it still needs a lot of work. Somehow we've survived this far, even…

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SPFBO 5 Review: Catalyst Moon: Incursion

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Mages, held captive since magic first manifested in the world, seek to break their chains. Sentinels, warriors with an unnatural immunity to magic, are oathbound to keep the magic-users prisoner…

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Writing Wednesday: Too Upset to Eat

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Today we have another excerpt from Riwenne & the Airship Gambit. I don't think it's too spoiler-y this time, so long as you know that there's an ongoing theme about…

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I’m Moving!

Wow, July was a chaotic month. Most of it was good chaos. I released Riwenne & the Bionic Witches in my biggest launch yet. (Thank you to everyone who bought…

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