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I’ve been teasing something new with the Fae of Calaveras trilogy for a while now. Today is the day, and I’ve got a surprise for you: three announcements! Yes, count ’em:

  1. New covers for the whole series
  2. A new short story in the Fae of Calaveras series
  3. A new spinoff series!

New Covers

Small Town Witch and the rest of the Fae of Calaveras trilogy have always had homemade covers of varying quality. I wanted to finally give these books the professional covers they deserve, and I’m so glad that I did. Look at this amazing art!

It’s not a coincidence that these covers feature blue, pink, and purple–the colors of the bisexual flag. Rosa is out and proud! You can already find these covers live on Amazon, along with the three-book box set, plus new art for Witch Test with the other short stories still to come. But speaking of short stories…

A Witch’s Halloween Surprise

A bonus story, releasing in just one week! How cute is that pirate costume? On October 21, you’ll get to find out what Rosa did at the Halloween party near the end of Small Town Witch. You don’t need to read the full book to enjoy the story, but if you have, you’ll get to enjoy this deleted scene. I originally wanted to include it in the book, but I thought it ruined the tension of the ending. Now the fun party stands alone.

Moonlight. Sexy costumes. Music. The stage is set for a romantic Halloween treat.
Teen witch Rosa finally has a Halloween date with the guy of her dreams, a kitsune named Kai. But as they dance at the Fae party, both of them are too shy to make the first move. Will a nudge from her friends be enough to get their relationship off the ground?

Pre-order on Amazon for $0.99!

New Series: Santa Cruz Witch Academy!

Finally, here comes the biggest announcement: I’m returning to the world of Small Town Witch in a new series. This takes place over twenty years after the events of the last book… starring Rosa’s daughter, Brie!

A girl who just wants to be invisible. A threat only she can stop. Will she leave the shadows to save her school?
Brie doesn’t want to be a witch. Her grandma is infamous for almost destroying her small town in Calaveras County, and her mom is famous for saving it. Growing up in the shadows of two powerful witches, she knows that everyone is going to judge her for her family’s reputation. How can a girl just have a normal life?
Maybe getting away from the small town gossip will help. Brie agreed to try out witch school for two years if she can go somewhere else. In Santa Cruz, the only person she knows is her best friend, Damian. She plans to fade into the background and just graduate so she can go to the art school of her dreams.
But then Brie notices suspicious activity by the Boardwalk. Mermaids are plotting to attack Santa Cruz Witch Academy, yet no one listens to her warnings. If she tries to be a hero, she can kiss her obscurity goodbye.
She must embrace her magical legacy—or watch her school wash out to sea.
The Reluctant Witch is the first book in a new urban fantasy academy series. It features the daughter of Rosa from the Fae of Calaveras trilogy, but it takes place years later from the original series and does not require prior reading. If you like teen witches, magical schools, and introverts who have to overcome their wish to be left alone, you’ll enjoy Kristen S. Walker’s latest novel for teens.
Preorder today!

I’m so excited to go back to this fun world of witches, Fae, mermaids, and other magical creatures! I think you’ll really like Brie. I’ve always meant to set a book in Santa Cruz, my hometown, and it seems like the perfect place for a witch school.

This book won’t be out until next year–January 13, 2020. But you can pre-order it now to make sure you can download it the minute it becomes available. I’ll be alternating these books with the Divine Warriors series. Also, I plan on writing a prequel novella to introduce you to Brie and find out how her family convinced her to try witchcraft, so keep an eye out for that, too.

I hope you’ll have as much fun as me with all these new developments! Fae of Calaveras was my first book series, and despite being over six years old at this point, it continues to be popular with new readers finding it all the time. Everyone keeps asking me for new books, and now, I’m finally delivering! It’s time to fly again, witchlings!


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