The Reluctant Witch: Year One

Title: The Reluctant Witch: Year One
Series: Santa Cruz Witch Academy #1
Published by: Kristen S. Walker
Release Date: January 13, 2020
Genre: , ,
ISBN13: 9781696745703
A girl who just wants to be invisible. A threat only she can stop. Will she leave the shadows to save her school?
Brie doesn't want to be a witch. Her grandma is infamous for almost destroying her small town in Calaveras County, and her mom is famous for saving it. Growing up in the shadows of two powerful witches, she knows that everyone is going to judge her for her family’s reputation. How can a girl just have a normal life?
Maybe getting away from the small town gossip will help. Brie agreed to try out witch school for two years if she can go somewhere else. In Santa Cruz, the only person she knows is her best friend, Damian. She plans to fade into the background and just graduate so she can go to the art school of her dreams.
But then Brie notices suspicious activity by the Boardwalk. Mermaids are plotting to attack Santa Cruz Witch Academy, yet no one listens to her warnings. If she tries to be a hero, she can kiss her obscurity goodbye.
She must embrace her magical legacy—or watch her school wash out to sea.
The Reluctant Witch is the first book in a new urban fantasy academy series. It features the daughter of Rosa from the Fae of Calaveras trilogy, but it takes place years later from the original series and does not require prior reading. If you like teen witches, magical schools, and introverts who have to overcome their wish to be left alone, you’ll enjoy Kristen S. Walker’s latest novel for teens.
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Rated PG for mild violence. Contains LGBT+ characters and relationships. Does not contain sex or swearing.

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