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Cover Reveal: Riwenne & the God-Killing Machine

Thank you to everyone who supported the release of my latest book by buying, reading, and reviewing Riwenne & the Ethereal Apparatus! It’s been so much fun to hear how much readers loved it.

But I’ve been itching to share with you the cover of the next (and final!) book in the series. I’ve been working hard to keep it to myself for so long. Newsletter readers have already gotten the first peek at this. I think it turned out so amazing, it might be my favorite cover of the series! It’s my pleasure to finally reveal:

Riwenne & the God-Killing Machine

A teen girl has become a prophet of legend. Now she faces her greatest challenge: killing the sun goddess who has subjugated her people.
Riwenne has performed countless miracles and saved hundreds of thousands with her powerful magic. With the aid of the moon goddess, she has turned back time and reversed death. Now the oppressive empire has fallen and her people are free to rule themselves. For the first time in centuries, there is hope of a better future. She’s ready to stop the violence and find peace.
But her greatest enemy, the sun goddess Chysa, isn’t going down without a fight. The sun goddess is creating her own divine warriors to terrorize everyone across the continent. And they have a machine that can destroy Riwenne’s gods.
To stop the sun goddess once and for all, Riwenne must get her hands dirty again. This time, Chysa won’t stop at imprisoning the moon goddess. The sun and the moon goddesses are locked in a battle to the death. Her friends can’t help her now. Only she is powerful enough to turn the tides and end the war.
Time for her to fulfill her destiny and kill a god.
Riwenne & the God-Killing Machine is the final book in a steampunk fantasy series for teens. If you like magical girls, lesbian romance, and clashes of the gods, then you’ll love Kristen S. Walker’s series of guns and gears.

I’m already writing, so stay tuned for more release news!


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