Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Yarrr, me hearties! It be one o’ the best days fer salty sea dogs and swashbuckling adventures. I speak of Talk Like a Pirate Day.

I’m celebrating in my traditional pirate costume (not required for talking like a pirate, but I like to have fun with the holiday), a few sea shanties, some rum… and a new short story! This one is light-hearted and fun. You get exactly what it says on the tin: a tail of love and adventure!

Whether or not you celebrate this holiday, you can download the new story for free on Amazon today and tomorrow!

Treasure Island meets The Little Mermaid with lesbian cats.

Calico Jack is the captain of a pirate ship, but she’s tired of living on the run. All she needs is one big score and she can retire in comfort. Treasure maps usually lead nowhere, but her whiskers tell her that this chart of a hidden island could bring her to the riches of her dreams. Until she gets distracted by a mysterious cat in a storm and ends up swept overboard.

Nerissa longs to see the world outside of the merkitties’ secret lagoon. She knows the land cats are dangerous, but when she sees a beautiful calico fall into the ocean, she can’t bear to let her drown. She doesn’t know if she can trust Jackie even as she’s drawn closer to her.

Will the two of them see past their differences to stop the violence when the pirate cats and the merkitties fight over the treasure?

“The Pirate Cat and the Merkitty” is a short story of feline romance and adventure on the high seas. If you like pirates, cats, mermaids, and lesbians, then you’ll enjoy this light-hearted tale from fantasy author Kristen S. Walker.


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