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Join Our Summer Reading Challenge

One of my favorite parts about summer as a kid was when the local library would host a summer reading challenge. I could get a whole stack of books that I wanted to read (and didn’t have to write a report about) and then I could win prizes, or at least bragging rights. One year, I read more than any other kids in my age category (11-12) and I was so excited! I think I won a free slice of pizza or something, but I never forgot the feeling of winning.

Want to bring back that thrill of the summer reading challenge? You can join us at the YA SFF Addicts!

We’re going to sort everyone into four teams and compete to see who can read the most books between May 1 and September 1. For every book you read that counts as YA Fantasy, Sci-fi, or Dystopian, you earn one point. There will also be bonus points available for theme weeks and group games. Prizes will be handed out every month and then the winning team will win the grand prize at the end!

If you want to know more, you can check out the blog post describing the challenge. Then fill out the form and make sure that you’re part of our Facebook group so you can hear all the announcements and join in the fun!

I’m one of the team captains, so I hope you’ll join me!


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