New Title: Poised for Flight

I finally have a working title for my current project. “Poised for Flight” is the name of the first book, because it’s about Korinna earning her wings in the literal and metaphorical sense, and then that first leap of faith into becoming a marewing rider, a wife, and the ruler of a city.

Spinning off of that idea gave me a series title too, “Flight of Power”. I’m not as sure about that one, but I will keep the two titles with me for future tweaking. Other books that come after the first one will also incorporate the idea of flight or wings into their names. Maybe “Flying Higher” for the second? I’m not sure. But it’s an idea that my mind is playing with right now, and I like it.

After a day of struggling with plot complications, it’s nice to have a moment of inspiration where things click together. Coming up with a title is always a struggle for me, so I was happy to find one at last!


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