Preorder Available: The Trouble with Fangfrogs

The Trouble with Fangfrogs
The Trouble with Fangfrogs

Have you started reading The Voyage of the Miscreation yet? If the first episode gave left you wanting more, don’t worry! The second episode is coming soon . . . and you can already preorder it!

In episode two, “The Trouble with Fangfrogs,” Captain Mynta and the other monster hunters have their first monster hunt with Mage Ameyron’s research team: capturing venomous fangfrogs in the wetlands of a little island. The mage insists that he can keep live monsters safely confined in his newly-developed magical cages. But the crew is wary about having monsters on board—and the islanders aren’t happy about their monsters leaving after all. When things get complicated, Mynta must negotiate a deal that will satisfy everyone, but the help she needs may come from the one person she’s not willing to ask.

To make sure you get your hands on “The Trouble with Fangfrogs” as soon as it’s available, check out the following sites:

Look for more preorders coming soon, including episode 3: “The Sunken Forest” and Fae of Calaveras #3, Witch Gate!


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