Review: Witch Song

Goodreads Link: Witch Song (Witch Song #1) Author: Amber Argyle Genre: YA Fantasy Rating: 4/5 stars This book was fun to read! I liked Senna because I felt that she was a…

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Guest Post: World-building Names by Katharina Gerlach

Today, bilingual author Katharina Gerlach is touring for the release of her latest novel, Swordplay! I love Katharina’s detailed and unique worlds, so I asked her to tell me a little about how she planned her newest series, and she wrote this post about how she comes up with her names. Read on to find out more about the book, and make sure to go to the end for a giveaway!


Worldbuilding Names

Have you ever realized how important names in a novel’s world are? Take Harry Potter’s world as an example. The main character’s name is ordinary but not too blunt. It signifies how ordinary Harry sees himself. Brilliant Hermione, on the other hand, got a name to fit a character that’s unusually intelligent. What does that tell us about Ron? Yup, boring… but with hidden context. After all, Ron is really the shortened version of Ronald, and according to a baby name site, it means: Mighty counselor/ruler in Scottish. Another role fitting name, don’t you think?


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Review: Blue Rabbit

Goodreads Link: Blue Rabbit Author: Jimena Novaro Genre: YA Urban Fantasy Rating: 5/5 stars I flew threw this book! A very unique urban fantasy with a portal to another world. It kept…

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Review: The Hero and the Crown

Review: The Hero and the Crown by Robin McKinley Goodreads link: Title: The Hero and the Crown Author: Robin McKinley Genres: YA Fantasy How to Purchase: Paperback My Rating: 5…

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Witch Gate on Wattpad

If you've missed the updates on my Facebook and Twitter feeds last week, I decided to start posting chapters of Witch Gate on Wattpad. I'm up to chapter four as of…

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Six Sentence Sunday: The Exile

I'm writing the first draft of Witch Hunt for NaNoWriMo, and putting up each chapter live on Wattpad as I write it. (Read along for free during November, because after it's…

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