Welcome New Readers!

Hello there! Did you find my blog through the new book tour that I just did? If you’re new, let me introduce myself!

I’m new to self-publishing, but I’ve been writing and sharing my work online for years. Some of the posts from this blog come from an older personal blog that I started keeping when I was fifteen. Most of my writing is fantasy because that’s my favorite, although I might branch out into other genres someday. (Probably science fiction, and possibly horror or dark fantasy, and also general fiction. I’m not a fan of romance or mystery, sorry.)

You can learn more about me through my About Me page, and I also have a list of traits in About My Reader that will tell you more generally about what I like to write about. And of course, you can find lots of links to my current books all over the site.

If you’re looking for updates, you can sign up for my newsletter for the first news about future releases and also exclusive coupons.

What’s coming next from me? Next week, I’ll publish a short story in the same world as my epic fantasy A Flight of Marewings to launch the Tales of Wyld Magic series, and there will be more of these shorts coming in the next couple of months. At some point this year, I will also start writing the second novel in this series, so you can follow the next adventure of Korinna and others.

But the next novel I’m publishing is the sequel to my teen urban fantasy Small Town Witch, called Witch Hunt, hopefully this spring. (It’s with an editor right now, and I’m also negotiating with a cover artist.) Then the third and final installment of the Fae of Calaveras County, Witch Gate, will be later this year. I hope that everyone will enjoy the rest of the series.

There’s a lot of exciting stuff coming up from me in 2014, so I hope you will join me for the ride!


I'm an author, a blogger, and a nerd. I read and write fantasy.