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I usually talk about writing and books on this blog. But a major reason why I write is to help change the world. I write about LGBTQIA+ issues to give support to queer people and hopefully bring understanding and empathy for them. I write about women and feminist issues because I want to support women and inspire the next generation of girls. And another theme, particularly in the Wyld Magic and Divine Warriors series, I write about violence and war. There are terrible consequences of all violence but war can destroy so many lives in an instant.

This is not to dwell on the tragedies going on in the world, but to look for ways to help. So when I saw the Writers for Ukraine One Million Word Challenge, I knew this was one way that I could contribute. Together with other authors, we are trying to write one million words over the next few days to raise money and awareness for Ukrainian refugees.

Ways You Can Help

Donate to the Writers for Ukraine GoFundMe.

Buy the Stand For Ukraine charity anthology for women’s fiction, romance, and poetry.

List of charities vetted by the BBB.

Top-rated charities from Charity Watch.

Jo Holloway is donating her book profits this week to the Red Cross.

If you know of any other ways to help, please let me know so I can add it to the list! Stay tuned for more updates on the One Million Word Challenge.


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