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Why I’m a Snob (And I’m Okay With That)

I have a confession to make, but this isn’t really a secret, because most people learn this about me pretty quickly: I’m a snob for quality when it comes to almost anything. There’s exceptions to this, of course, but for the most part I’m pretty snobbish. When I can, I pay more to get the […]

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Jimena is Hosting My Book Soundtrack

The book tour continues with Jimena’s blog today. Since Jimena shares my love of heavy metal music, I told her about the soundtrack for A Flight of Marewings, featuring bands like Nightwish, Within Temptation, and Lacuna Coil. Check out the post here: Marewings Book Soundtrack   Tomorrow, I am leaving to spend the weekend with my […]

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Prayer to Deyos the Protector

Deyos, Allfather, glory unto you You who protected your servant, Patroteres Although he was beset by villains and thieves, You came to him in his moment of need Gentle father, yet terrible in your wrath, You tore apart their throats with your bare nails Your rage could only be cooled by the touch of Patroteres, […]

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Kylara and the Dragon

Wings darken the sky over the fields of grain Children cry in terror and flee before the wind Families lock their doors, but still the village burns The dragon eats his fill without a challenge to his claim Messengers run down the roads ahead of the flames Calling warriors and mages to save them from […]

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Research Wednesday: Choreomania

As a writer, my ideas can come from anywhere. Sometimes it can be spontaneous, like a suggestion from a friend, a flash of insight, or a memory from the past. But ideas can also come from research, where I actively go and learn more about the world in order to find new and interesting things […]

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I Just Can’t Be Angry

Whew. I need a break from trying to write for a while. This is incredibly slow going and I am really frustrated with how things are progressing. If there’s one thing I have trouble writing, it’s fight scenes. Even knowing that I will rewrite this whole section over again later, polishing it with copious amounts […]

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Sacred Space

While I was growing up, my parents always had one room of our current house or apartment set apart from the rest. This room was always quiet, kept in a neat order, and showed a much greater attention to detail that the rest of the living space: the nicest furniture, only a few tasteful paintings […]

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Spring Break Excitement

This is the fourth time that I have gone to the Vampire LARP, intending to play, and then ended up being disappointed. I dressed warm enough so I wasn’t uncomfortable, and it did not rain as promised, but I went home early all the same. I did not mind; I am growing accustomed to this. […]

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Mountains of Books

One time my sister said to me, “You are such a completist.” I’m not sure if this is actually a word or not, but I think I know what she meant by it, and I think she’s right. I feel a certain satisfaction in having things finished with no loose ends left hanging. It’s something […]

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