Week of Summer Vacation

Last week, I took a break from writing to spend time with my family, who were visiting from out of state. It was a whirlwind as we tried to cram…

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#SPFBO Review: The Eldritch Heart

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Princess Oona Talomir enjoys the little things that come with her station: a handmaiden, her lavish bedchamber, and scores of fancy dresses―the duty to win a decades’ long war, not…

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#SPFBO Review: Fear the Wolf

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In Senla Nora’s village, the children are raised to remember one thing above all else: "Fear the Wolf." To fear the Wolf is to know your place. To fear the…

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Camp Nano: Week 2 Recap

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The second week of Camp went much smoother for me. I was still recovering from a cold, but I had momentum behind me as the story picked up. I often…

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