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August Reading Journal Theme: Beach

It’s a new month and that means it’s time for a new reading journal theme! I always do at least one ocean-related theme in my journal, so this one won’t come as a surprise. But first, let’s wrap up July’s reading.

It was a full month of reading with lots of great books! 18 books total (and 260 episodes of serial stories on multiple apps), and there were some great releases included in that. I have already posted some reviews but there will be more coming soon.

Now, onto the August theme. I haven’t been to a beach in three years and I miss the ocean. Hopefully, I can make time to visit a socially distanced beach soon.

I used a variety of stickers and washi tape from Simply Gilded, mainly from their Beach Chic subscription earlier this year. The journaling card is from Wonton in a Million’s beach theme from last year. I love the way all the bright colors go together.


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