Riwenne & the Electrical Prophecy

Riwenne and the Electrical ProphecyTitle: Riwenne & the Electrical Prophecy
Series: Divine Warriors #4
Published by: Kristen S. Walker
Release Date: April 6, 2020
Genre: Fantasy, Steampunk, Young Adult
Pages: 258
ISBN13: 9781707900367

A young priestess sworn to a forbidden goddess. A hard-won treaty to protect her people. But now a new prophecy could destroy their fragile peace.
The teen prophet Riwenne has performed many miracles to protect her friends and save her city from the oppressive empire. Now she has a new ally, another nation who declared their independence and helped to defend her city. But when Riwenne shares her religious beliefs, the new prime minister of the neighboring country is reluctant to accept them. His people have been burned by priestesses before—and they executed the old priestesses for their crimes.
As Riwenne tries to show her allies the power of magic, a mysterious circus appears in the city. Calling themselves the Scientific Circus, they are spreading a prophecy of their own—that electricity and technology can free humanity from the need for any gods. Their Chief Scientist challenges Riwenne to a contest between science and magic.
She may be a divine warrior, but Riwenne can’t fight her way out of this. When violence isn’t the answer and people aren’t impressed by her miracles, she must find a new way to win people to her side. She can’t afford to lose the only allied nation that she has against the empire.
Or she might become the next priestess to meet the executioner’s blade.
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Riwenne & the Electrical Prophecy is the fourth book in a steampunk fantasy series for teens. If you like magical girls, lesbian romance, and high-flying adventures, then you’ll love Kristen S. Walker’s series of guns and gears.

Rated PG for moderate violence, death, and sexual references. Contains no explicit sex or swearing.