Riwenne & the Electrical Prophecy

Riwenne and the Electrical ProphecyTitle: Riwenne & the Electrical Prophecy
Series: Divine Warriors #4
Published by: Kristen S. Walker
Release Date: April 6, 2020
Genre: Fantasy, Steampunk, Young Adult
ISBN13: 9781707900367
A young priestess to a forbidden goddess. A hard-won treaty to protect her people. But now a new prophecy could destroy their fragile peace.
The teenage prophet Riwenne has performed many miracles to save her city and protect her friends from the oppressive empire. After winning another terrible battle for her new nation’s freedom, she reached out to another fledgling state that had declared their own independence. If they band together, they might be strong enough to stand their ground against the imperial army.
But a cult is rising in popularity that could threaten everything Riwenne is trying to do. The Chief Scientist wants to throw down all the gods and their magic, promising equality with his Electrical Prophecy. Those who follow the new cult won’t cut a deal with any priestess, no matter which god she serves. And they won’t be impressed by any miracle.
Riwenne can’t fight her way out of this. She must find a new way to deal with people who have different beliefs. Even if she can’t convert them to her religion, she has to find the common ground for them to work together.

Or they will all be trapped in an endless war.

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Riwenne & the Electrical Prophecy is the fourth book in a steampunk fantasy series for teens. If you like magical girls, lesbian romance, and high-flying adventures, then you’ll love Kristen S. Walker’s series of guns and gears.

Rated PG for moderate violence, death, and sexual references. Contains no explicit sex or swearing.

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