Happy NaNoWriMo ’14

It’s November, and that means it’s time for another month of speed writing.

This year, I’m working on a sequel to A Flight of Marewings, with the working title The Warrior Duchess. Korinna and Galenos, now married and ruling Kyratia, are finally working for the peace they’ve always wanted for their city–but rival cities are working against them, to discredit their claim to rule and replace them with someone more easy to control. At the same time, monster attacks are increasing as Wyld Magic spreads across the land, but slow communications make it difficult to coordinate defenses and warn helpless settlements before they strike. Mage researchers like Ameyron and Omalia are racing to figure out what’s causing the sudden change.

I probably won’t finish the entire first draft in a single month, but I hope to get at least the first 50,000 words done. I’ll be sharing excerpts from my progress this month. Look for a release early next year. Such as this one, when Korinna and Galenos first receive a message from their unfriendly southern neighbor:

The messenger cleared his throat. “This is a copy of a letter that was signed and sealed by both Duke Kleon of Sympaia and Duchess-Regent Voleta of Riasa. It’s directed to the Fathers at the Temple of Deyos, but copies were also sent to each territory of Seirenia.”

He passed a parchment, heavy with seals, across the table. Galenos accepted the letter and gave it a cursory glance. “What is this?”

“Sympaia and Riasa deny your wife’s claim to inherit the Duchy of Kyratia,” the messenger said simply. His eyes slid over to Korinna. “She was never recognized as Duke Basileos’s heir, or even as his legal offspring, during his lifetime. Duchess Voleta says that the rightful heir to the title is Neleos Kairis.”

Galenos pointed to the name written on the letter. “Who is that?”

The messenger glanced down at another paper. “He’s a, um, great-grandson of Duke Pollux, the first Votsis ruler of Kyratia.”

Galenos leaned back and folded his arms. “I’ve never heard of him before. Why is his given name ‘Kairis’ instead of ‘Votsis’?”

The messenger frowned. “I’m not familiar with the full family tree, but I think you’ll find the details further on in the letter.” He picked up his papers again. “Anyway, if you willingly give up control of Kyratia to the proper heir, Duchess Voleta would grant you a modest estate in Riasa.”

Korinna reached over and gripped Galenos’s knee under the table. “Excuse me?”

It was the messenger’s turn to give them a thin smile. “That’s the offer they’ve made.”

Galenos smiled back, spreading his lips to show his teeth. “And what happens if we don’t?”

The messenger stiffened and looked down. “Then, ah, they’re prepared to remove you by force. I’m also to remind you that ruling a city without the approval of the Temple of Deyos is punishable by exile from Seirenia, or execution.” He coughed. “Depending on the Allfather’s judgment.”


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