“Monster Menagerie” available for preorder

miscreation-ep4-mdEpisode 4 of The Voyage of the Miscreation, “Monster Menagerie,” is finished and ready for preorder, with a release date this Friday, October 24. It ended up being about the same length as the previous episodes (about sixteen thousand words), but there’s still plenty of action and drama packed into every page.

Captain Mynta’s crew is in for a party when Mage Ameyron gets a formal introduction to the duke who owns a private monster menagerie. Genara’s used her family connections to pull some strings and gain access to the duke’s secret methods of capturing and caging feathersnakes, and everyone’s invited for what should be a peaceful evening of dancing and feasting with no dangerous monsters to fight. But the cost of that introduction may come too high when political tensions, personal problems, and a marriage proposal get in the way. Mynta must swallow her pride and play the diplomat to save the deal and the respect of her crew.

preorder for October 24: Amazon, Smashwords


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