New Short Release: Wyld Magic in a Flash!

Wyld Magic in a Flash
Wyld Magic in a Flash

Whew, it’s been a crazy week! But it’s a new month, and that means it’s time for a new short release from me. This time, I’ve written not one, but five stories: all flash fiction at 500 words each.

Each one features a different marewing rider candidate in their life before A Flight of Marewings. Mkumba faced magic-wielding pirates on his crossing to Kyratia in “Black Flag”. (My first released story featuring pirates!) Orivan used to work on a fishing boat in an island village, but all that changed when he encountered a mermaid in “Fishing Net”. Herokha was a freelance spy until Warlord Galenos confronted her in “The Knife”. Itychia was a marewing rider once before in “Shield”. And Korinna faced her first challenge when a chimaera attacked her home in “The Last Coin”.

The cover features beautiful art from the talented Jennifer Cox. This is the fourth piece that I commissioned from her last year, and her distinctive style ties the whole series together. I’ve got to get some more done by her for future release in Wyld Magic! I really love the way this one turned out, because she managed to bring in elements from all five different stories to create a “motif” that represents the collection as a whole.

You can get this collection in the usual places (ebook only): my storeKindleBarnes and NobleKoboSmashwords

Also, watch this blog, because the new cover for Small Town Witch is 99% finished and I just can’t wait to reveal it for you. I’m blown away at the detail of the art. I made it my desktop background so I can see it every time I turn on my computer, and it always makes me smile!


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