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October Reading Journal: Vampires

Happy Spooky Season! I’m so excited that it’s finally October (and I’m also panicking that I’m running out of time to prepare for Halloween, but that’s another story). But first, let’s wrap up September!

I thought that I had saved the perfect amount of space to write down all the book titles, but then I realized I had miscounted and forgotten two of the books, so I had to squeeze them in. Oh well. When you make something by hand, it isn’t going to turn out perfect. So the final count was twelve books finished during September.

Because my team was the House of Vampires for the summer reading challenge, I wanted to do a vampire theme. But I decided not to do it during the summer and saved it for October. Check out how it turned out below!

The big quote sticker is from the Bibliophile Antiquarian Sticker Book, while most of the other stickers are from Stickii Club. (So is the gothic cathedral note pad.) The bat washi is from The Honey B Shop. It doesn’t really show up in the picture, but the black washi has black bows from Simply Gilded.

We have also decided to do another reading challenge in the YA SFF Addicts group! It’s not as big or elaborate as our summer reading extravaganza, but it is still fun. This is an individual challenge (no teams) and it will last for two months. (October and November). Here is the official bingo card from the Facebook post:

If you want to join in, join the Facebook group for more information!

I tried to copy it into my reading journal in my own style:

I already have lots of ideas to fill in those squares. You only need five in a row (horizontal, diagonal, or vertical) to finish a bingo, but I might go for the whole card! There isn’t a space for vampires specifically, but they could easily fit into a category like unnatural creatures or night setting.


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