Writing Witch Hunt

How is your November going? This has been one of my best ones yet! If you know anything about NaNoWriMo, then you know that today is the halfway mark of…

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Six Sentence Sunday: The Exile

I'm writing the first draft of Witch Hunt for NaNoWriMo, and putting up each chapter live on Wattpad as I write it. (Read along for free during November, because after it's…

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Writing the End: Poised for Flight

After struggling through the climatic battles, I came close to the end of Poised for Flight. Writing fight scenes is difficult, but there are many good resources online about choreographing…

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Deleted Scene: Poetry Slam

Today, I’ve posted a deleted scene from the book on SmallTownWitch.com. You can read “Poetry Slam” to see one of the scenes that didn’t make it into the novel. It takes place sometime after Rosa’s full moon flight but before the kiss. There’s more context before the scene on the other site.

There were a number of scenes that got cut for various reasons. Sometimes, I have to cut scenes because they no longer work as the plot changes, or because they slow things down too much, or they’re mostly just filler. For the nearly 86,000 words in Small Town Witch, I have a folder of over 20K words from “deleted scenes”, and I am sure there were plenty of little snippets that I failed to save at all. So a lot got the axe in the editing process. (more…)

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Short Excerpt Sunday: The Faeriekin Party

From my upcoming novel, Small Town Witch, Chapter 5, "The Faeriekin Party": I pointed to a pond filled with water lilies and floating candles. “That’s the dance floor.” Heather stared in…

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