Week 2 in Review

The second week of March and the YAB boot camp flew by for me. I had hoped to concentrate on revision this week, but I spent a lot of time out of the house and also had other things to do, so I only got about fifteen scenes done. It is a start, though.

I also finished a chapter of Witch Gate and I hired a copy editor for Small Town Witch. With the cover artist finishing up a new picture for the first book, I wanted to make sure it was clean and have a rerelease, sort of. The first chapter is already done as a sample and I was both surprised and embarrassed to see the errors marked. Okay, so, critique partners alone aren’t enough to help me catch everything. I definitely plan on hiring an editor from now on.

Next week I will try to buckle down for more revision, but it could be a busy week. Writing time for me comes between the rest of the family’s schedule. Next week there is a birthday and a business conference, so I won’t be home a lot. And while my laptop does let me write out of the house, revision takes two binders, one notebook, plus a pile of pens and post-it notes. That’s a bit much to haul around on a day trip.

I just keep moving forward while I can, though. I hope the rest of Team Denali is moving forward, too! And maybe when my schedule is less crazy, I will make it to one of the online writing sessions.


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