Camp Nano: Week 1 Recap

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I didn’t do a lot of updates during April Camp this year because I wasn’t sure how far I’d be able to go. I was sick for the first week of Camp and still working through physical therapy to deal with my carpal tunnel. This time, I want to keep up to a steady schedule, and to keep myself accountable, I’ll also report weekly recaps here.

I’m writing the first draft of Riwenne & the Airship Gambit (Divine Warriors #3). I want to write at least 50K of the planned 85K for this novel. My goal is to release the book in October, and to allow time for self-editing and sending it to my editor, I need to get the first draft finished before September. Onward!

Day 1: Started well. I was enthusiastic about starting the new draft.
Word Count: 2351/2351

Day 2: Woke up with a sore throat and realized I was getting a cold. During the first week of Camp. AGAIN. Treated with lemon ginger tea + honey + extra vitamin C. Still managed to write a decent amount, but I knew I was headed for a crash.
Word Count: 1800/4151

Day 3: Full-blown cold. No words.

Day 4: Still sick. No words.

Day 5: Finally started to feel better. I skipped taking my cold medication in the morning so I was clear-headed enough to write. Best writing day yet.
Word count: 2786/6937

Day 6: Wrote a few hundred words in the morning, then had to be out of the house for most of the day.
Word count: 334/7269

Day 7: Paid the price for being out all day yesterday. No words.

Final count for the week: 7269. Nano says my goal was 11,290, so I’m well behind. I hope to work harder this week to make up for the slow pace. I’ll also have to be careful about managing my health so I don’t have another relapse of this cold.


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