Jamie Hosts Me to Talk About Warrior Women

In today’s guest post on Jamie Marchant’s Kronicles, I talk about some of the negative feedback I got when I asked writing communities for advice about my book. Surprisingly, when it came to realism, it wasn’t the flying horses or the use of magic that raised eyebrows–it was when I asked how to integrate women into my mercenaries that I started a “flame war” of hundreds of posts! Click to read:
The Controversy of Female Warriors in Fantasy

On a related note, have you ever looked at fantasy artwork for “female warrior”, “warrior woman”, or a similar search? It’s crazy how much of the artwork features “sexy” female fighters with “lady armor” on–the slang term for any kind of outfit that reveals way more skin than it actually protects vital organs. I get that women are beautiful and fun to draw (and I enjoy pinning half-naked women on my Mermaids board), but if you want to portray an actual combat-ready person, then I think function and practicality should come before attractiveness.

When I do find a picture of a female warrior wearing something practical, I cheer–it’s that rare, even looking for it. So I started collecting my favorite pictures on a Pinterest board. Some of these outfits are still revealing (my inner child still loves Wonder Woman), but for the most part, I try to find things that look like something you could actually wear in combat.

Also, if you want to read a blog that makes fun of impractical lady armor (and then redesigns it in creative ways), check out Repair Her Armor.


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