A Guest Review and an Interview

We’re finishing off week two of the book tour with not one, but two guest posts!

Samantha hosts me on her blog, Magic & Mayhem! On Monday, she’ll share her review of A Flight of Marewings, and in return, she asked me to write my own review of a book that influenced my own writing. Click here to find out what I have to say about a childhood favorite:
Guest Review: The Hero and the Crown by Robin McKinley

And over on the Independent Bookworm, Will asked me some very humorous (and insightful) questions about my novel and my writing. Thanks to the whole group of lovely writers over at IB for inviting me visit!
Author Interview: Kristen S. Walker

Have a good weekend, and come back next week for the final posts of our tour, including more about female warriors in fantasy, facts about marewings, and another character interview–this one featuring the mercenary captain Galenos!


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