The Sunken Forest is now available!

In case you missed it, episode 3 of The Voyage of the Miscreation is now available. Find out what Captain Mynta and crew are up to in the latest installment!

Episode 3: “The Sunken Forest”
Captain Mynta and her team of monster hunters follow a sailors’ legend to the ship graveyard, so Mage Ameyron can investigate the mystery of why so many ships are floating abandoned in a strange forest of seaweed. Wyld Magic must be involved in some way. But when their search finds a survivor driven mad by the loss of his crew mates, they learn that monsters aren’t all they have to fear out on the open sea. A haunting song means that time’s run out, and when the ship is overrun by deadly mermaids, Mynta will once again be forced to make a difficult choice to save her people.

Episode 3: The Sunken Forest, now available: Amazon, Smashwords, iTunes, Kobo, Barnes & Noble


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